Website Support

Websites age, plugins and themes go out of date, and vulnerabilities are discovered which could endanger your site.

Once a website is built and put online, that’s not the end of the story. Maintaining, patching and optimising it is an ongoing job to ensure your website does not get hacked or compromised.  Worst case scenario if your website is updated wrongly or compromised then many hours of work can be lost from the site.

BYTE provide ongoing support for websites we have built, with some great features that can really boost your site and keep it safe.

How Much Does It Cost?

£75 / Year

See What You Get From Your Support Below…


Harden your site protection against malware and malicious attacks..

We run regular security scans, vulnerbility reports and security updates on your site to ensure it is more effective at combatting attacks.

Monitoring of google blacklists, restoration and repair of any damaged core files, audit logging are all included.




We conduct regular scans of your website and ensure it is optimised, our software will compress files and minify website files, help broswers to cache main files making your site load time smaller and your site much quicker.

We also compress your image files so they load quicker with no loss of quality. 

Dont forget; better speed = better search engine results!



Don’t let an attack, virus, or simply an incorrect update, mean that you lose hours of work. Let us schedule regular backups of your website to ensure that your data stays safe!

We take automatic backups of your site (files and datebases) daily, which you can restore and activate through your Stack Control Panel. 

You can restore you site to any day within the last 30 days, ensuring your site is kept safe.



We keep your site up to date. Monthly reviews of your site keeps plugins and our designed themes up to date.

This prevents any vulnerabilities creeping in, and keeps the latest, most efficient, version of wordpress and plugins running on your site.

We also ensure you are running our most up to date builder software with all the new features and functions.




Worried about your site uptime?

We can monitor that for you, ensuring any downtime incidents are dealt with quickly, and your site back online as soon as possible.

We can provide downtime reports and look into why your site isnt online for any reason.



Once created, we help your site be noticed by the top search engines. We will automatically create and send sitemap updates to search engines for you. We also allow you to alter page descriptions and titles to fit your advertising points.

Although we are not an advertising or marketing company, we can give your site the best start on the web it needs to get those higher rankings.


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