Website security is becoming increasingly important with attacks on sites becoming more frequent.

Ideally websites should sit online and be a hassle free source of information for your clients, driving business to your door. Your site, even though it is very important to your business, usually doesnt cross your mind unless you have to change it or there is a problem.

More often than not website owners are not aware of any problem on their website, until they are informed by a customer/visitor that it has been hacked or is distributing harmful links.

With this in mind we have taken the step of giving every one of our hosting accounts a SiteGuard account FREE OF CHARGE!

SiteGuard scans your entire website to check for known threats. This makes sure you are aware of issues on your site before your visitors are affected or your reputation damaged

SiteGuard proactivly scans your site each day checking your website’s pages for viruses and web malware threats to see if hackers have injected any malicious code. You’re immediately informed about any findings via our email notification system so you can take action straight away.

SiteGuard is easily managed from your control panel and you can access the staus of your site and see reports from the last 24hrs.

Just one of the ways we try to provide simple, hassle free, web hosting.