January 2018 Security Updates

Our server security updates are usually carried out in the background, and generally you don’t really need to know about the inner workings of your hosting, just that it is reliable and secure!

However in the last few weeks some very big bugs have been in the news so we would like to take this opportunity to reassure you, and to let you know about a few other visible changes that you will see…

Spectre & Meltdown

You may have heard of these two in the news. They are bugs affecting most servers and computers. 

We have just finished upgrading our servers to protect against these vulnerbilities so you can rest assured that your site is safe.

Our cloud platform has also compensated for any slowdown the fix may have caused.



Webmail SSL

To keep your webmail login details safe, even while out on unsecured networks, we have now applied SSL to our webmail login pages webmail.byte.ltd to keep your details encrypted.

Webmail we realise is a very handy tool to use while away from your office, which is the time when you are most likely to be using unsecured networks.



Subdomain SSL

We have also setup SSL on all our control panel subdomains eg cp.byte.ltd, fm.byte.ltd to keep your login details for your website safe and sound, whereever you choose to login.

Email SSL

To keep email content and credentials safe we have also implemented SSL / TLS on email sending and recieving. Please see here for new setup details.

We continually strive to keep our servers and your data as secure as possible. Most of the time you wont even notice us doing it. 

On another note, all our free SSL is provided by the opensource project lets encrypt  https://letsencrypt.org/ allowing us to provide you with free SSL protection on your website. Whilst in no way mandatory if you would like to help contribute to the project and help keep encryption on the web free, you can do so through their website.