Website Design

Get your website off the ground with our easy to use, feature packed websites.

By using a simple design features and our bespoke web templates, we can create a site which can be up and going quickly, is very affordable compared to custom coded sites, and has an easy to use control panel.  

Plus a host of great features such as responsive design for mobile browsing and drag drop editing.

How Much Does It Cost?

Prices for our websites are variable depending on the size of the site, content, and also features such as shopping carts or catalogues.

The average site we build is around £350

Please contact us for a more in depth quotation.

Management DashBoard


Log into your website to access pages and news posts, edit and change your content at any time.

Having a problem? Then use our simple feedback form on your dashboard to email us direct without even leaving the dashboard.

Drag Drop Builder


Design your pages easily and quickly with no coding or complex routines.

View the actual finished site while dragging and dropping items around the screen. Allowing you to get the design just right!

Create a new page, add a section with 1 – 4 columns, then place a text module in column 1, edit the text module to say ‘hello’ and click save.

Dont like it in column 1?  Drag and drop it into another column. Want a picture? Just add a picture module, drag drop the image from your computer onto the webpage and drag it to where you want it to be.

It could not be simpler to design a great looking site easily.

Automatically Responsive

With more and more people in the UK using mobile devices to browse the internet, a websites ability to adjust to the display size is becoming more important.

Google and other search engines also take this into account when ranking your site.

All our CMS based sites are responsive, and adjust automatically to fit the screen they are displayed on, allowing your customers to have the best experience on your website!


Video and Remote Help

Inside your wordpress admin area, you will find tutorial videos to help explain each area of the website and how to change content. These videos are automatically updated so if wordpress updates you will still have the correct help.

If you are still having a problem editing your site, then contact us through your dashboard contact form. We can access your site to help you change your site, and run through with you how we do it.


WordPress Flexibility

The sites we build are based on the worpress platform, one of the fastest and most stable platforms available today.

Over 25% of all websites worldwide use wordpress, and rely on its security, flexibility and speed.


Although we are not a marketing agency we do prepare your website for SEO as it is being built, and once complete submit it to the most popular search engines to push your site through organic SEO.

We also create and submit sitemaps to Google and Bing, and create system files allowing search engines to index your site faster.

Each page is also designed around key words to increase the chance of coming up in search engines.

Extra Features

Using wordpress allows us to expand your website from just a catalogue or information site to suit many other functions.

We have done many ecommerce solution sites, automating selling of products as well as booking sites, forums, dicussion sites, file download sites, availability and event calendars and intranets.

Ask us what you want to do with your website, and we can give you a solution.


Huge Capability


 Built on WordPress we can add on plugins which allow your site to become anything from a facebook style site to a web forum, blog to a full blown shopping and ecommerce site, or simply just a great website to publicise your business.


You tell us what you want to do and we can develop it for you.

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