folder_64pxTake advantage of our new on-line LiveDrive backup service, with unlimited space on our automatic cloud backup, and the facility to backup 10 computers. Ensuring your data is safe.

Also store files solely on-line with 512 GB of space, sync them between machines and access them from any mobile device. Even edit them through a browser with the zoho office suite. All of this included in our briefcase package

Cloud Backup – £30 / year

  • Backs up all of your files – no limit on space
  • Backup up to 10 computers
  • Hassle free and easy to install
  • Restore file at any time
  • View your files anywhere
  • Completely safe and secure, all stored in the UK

Cloud Briefcase – £55 / year

  • The same files on every PC and Mac
  • Access your files anywhere online
  • View all of your files on your mobile
  • Share files with friends and family
  • Completely safe and secure, all stored in the UK
  • 512GB backup storage space – expandable
  • Edit files online with ZOHO office

Server Multi user accounts are also available for business. Run your backup like a file server allocating users to folders and giving specific users permissions.

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