Common queries during our web hosting server upgrades


We are now half way through our web hosting server upgrades, thank you for all the feedback from our clients and below are a few of the main post update queries that we have had from transferred clients:

  1. Where do I access webmail?
    • Webmail is now accessed at (note old webmail is still accessible for a short while after transfer)
  2. How do I activate my SSL?
    • In your control panel there is an icon SSL/TLS – click that to enable free SSL
  3. Where do I login to my control panels?
  4. Can I access my website hosting panel direct?
    • Yes, you can use, please contact us so we can activate direct access for you.
  5. My Apple device cant send mail.
    • Mail is all imported over automatically, all devices will see new settings and work, except apple devices. Unfortunately the way apple devices see the background server doesn’t allow them to simply move over. The account will need to be recreated on the device.

If you have any other queries or issues please just contact us or take a look at our knowledgebase for help.