HTTP2 Rolled out to all shared hosting


We’re pleased to announce we’ve deployed HTTP/2 support to all load balancers, so if you’re using an SSL Certificate you’re already taking advantage of the new protocol.

What is HTTP/2? 

HTTP/2 is a major revision of the HTTP network protocol. It’s based on research by Google to reduce latency and improve overall page load times – without having to make complex changes to the website or application.

Why HTTP/2?

With the number of image, CSS and JavaScript assets ever-growing, HTTP/1.1 is showing its age. Under HTTP/1.1 most browsers won’t open more than six connections to your website, which can soon become a bottleneck. HTTP/2 enables full request and response multiplexing, allowing a single connection to deliver multiple requests and responses in parallel.

If you have any technical questions, a good place to start is with the HTTP/2 FAQs.

“Great – let’s test my site speed…”

Woah there! Feel free, but you won’t see a difference if you use a tool like Google’s PageSpeed Insights. This is because automated tools like these don’t make use of HTTP/2..!

However, mere humans like ourselves who use any of the main browsers will receive their pages faster.