Google Maps Charges

Google has decided to start charging for their maps API from the 16th July. How could this affect you?

If you have an interactive google map on your website then this change could affect you. A google map on your website will use code to get the map images from Google’s servers, and display them on your website. This is the part that Google are charging for.

However Google have said in their latest FAQs that each customer will have a $200 free usage on their account, after which you will start to pay. This should mean that smaller sites with less traffic may be able to continue using the service free of charge, whilst larger websites with more hits may have to pay some fees to google

More information can be found here

Price lists here 

Many of our clients use google maps on their sites, and we will be reviewing these for you to ensure you are informed if there are to be any extra fees from google.

Most sites will use just a simple embed which will continue to be free, but advanced embed will be chargeable


Google information:

Embed API

Embed with Dynamic Maps or a map with a marker, will continue to be free with unlimited usage. Embed API requests using Directions mode, Street View mode, or Search mode will now be billed. See the pricing table and the guide to understanding billing for details.