Daily Snap Shot Backups


Keep your website safe with our daily snapshot backups for just £30 a year!

Whether your site is damaged by a programming error, failed plugin update or virus attack, our snapshots can quickly and easily get you back up and going again in minutes.

Once activated, a backup icon will appear in your control panel allowing you to view your backups and also to initiate a backup there and then.

Backups are also automatically taken each morning and kept for 30 days allowing you to revert to any day from the last month. The backups consist of your files on our hosting platform plus any MySQL databases attached to your hosting package.

If you wish to order snapshot backups, when you order a web hosting package with us just select the backup add on before you checkout. If you are a current customer click here to go to your add on page where you can order backups for any package you currently own.

If you host multiple sites with us please contact us, as we can do bulk discount pricing for you.